The Power of Auriel FastKleen+ Cleaner Spray

Nanotechnology is an exciting and rapidly expanding division of science and the remarkable performance of the nano-energy particles within Auriel FastKleen+ cleaner spray certainly has to be seen to be believed.

Today we trialed it in competition with a Selden Selgiene Extreme concentrate cleaner spray and the results were interesting when seen on dirty warehouse cladding.

Although the above image looks basically the same on left and right, the left hand patch that was done with the Auriel product was certainly cleaner upon close examination in bright sunlight than the right hand patch (where we used the Selden product) showing faint streaks after one stroke with a microfibre cloth.

It was also noticeable watching the process before we actually wiped the surface that the Auriel FastKleen cleaned area was distinctly lightening as the nano particles got to work unseating the dirt and this was actually visible during the 30 – 60 second period that we waited before wiping.

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