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With lockdown conditions imposed to do with the Covid-19 pandemic we are doing a lot less miles in our cars and – whisper it quietly – we’ve actually become lazier and more relaxed!

Car cleaning having been less stringent and regular and our plane tree growing has deposited a stubborn and ugly deposit on the roof of one of our cars.

As we struggled to remove this even with power washing, we thought we would see what Auriel FastSan+ trigger spray would do the job – you can see our effective cleaning video below:

A close up view of the tree deposits can be seen below before cleaning began; Auriel FastKleen+ trigger spray removed them effectively without damaging the paint – we’ll be careful where we park the car in future though!

Have a look around our website for our highly effective eco-friendly trigger spray cleaners and ProtectSan hand sanitiser gel that is manufactured and bottled in Scotland.

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