Combating Covid-19 Effectively

Widespread confusion lies in the belief that hand sanitisers can kill the SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes the COVID-19 diesease. While Auriel ProtectSan Alcohol hand sanitiser does kill common viruses and the flu, they only push COVID-19 further into our skin, making it more challenging to dispel from our bodies. The most effective means of dislodging the virus cells from our hands is using soap and water.

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Companies must communicate this to their employees and encourage them to wash their hands with soap for at least 20 seconds several times a day. Doing so will reduce the likelihood of surface contamination and reduce the risk of staff contracting the virus.

Hand sanitisers are still an advantage, especially during the winter period where absences from work due to sickness are common. Proven to kill 99.9% of known bacteria and viruses, the use of hand sanitisers should be promoted in workplaces to mitigate the spread of illnesses like the common cold and flu and reduce employee absenteeism rates.

We believe that cleaning surfaces is more important than disinfecting them.

While disinfecting a surface may kill bacteria and common virus particles, it does not target the embedded dirt on the surface or effectively remove COVID-19 particles. This creates a problem for workplaces, as the dirt left behind will quickly attract bacteria and virus particles back to the surface, meaning the time spent disinfecting the surface was only effective in mitigating the spread of known and common viruses on a short term basis.

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Conventional cleaners struggle to remove dirt because it adheres to surfaces and bonds through surface tension. They may be able to remove larger dirt particles, but smaller particles will remain embedded in the surface valleys. Even after cleaning the surface, if a carrier of COVID-19 touches it, the virus will stick to the embedded dirt and contaminate the surface.

When creating Auriel FastKleen and FastSan+ cleaning products, we follow a unique approach to ensure that they are effective in removing all embedded dirt from surfaces. Our manufacturing process and unique blend of cleaning chemicals help us to utilise the active agent in all our cleaning products, which removes even the toughest dirt like oil and grease thus reducing the likelihood of COVID-19 particles attaching to the clean surface.

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