Caring For Marine Life

The considerable challenge in terms of safety from trips and injury and maintaining a clean quayside, steps, slipways, and boats means that marine algae growth must be removed regularly.

Yet quite understandably no one wants to damage marine life or for that matter damage humans with the chemicals that are used in the process. There has been at least one incident where a child suffered chemical burns while crabbing from steps at the quayside cleaned with caustic chemical so what is the answer to all this?

Boat Hull Cleaner

Our Marine Algae Cleaner works differently to almost all existing algae removers; it utilises nanotechnology energy packages within the non-toxic, non-biocide chemical that penetrates deeply and lifts off the algae and dirt leaving a clean surface that is proven to last for longer.

One of the best known and most fascinating fishermen out there is Jeremy Wade and we feel sure he would thoroughly agree with us with that marine life should be protected in every way possible.

As well as the welcome effectiveness and reduction in hard slog brought about with our marine algae cleaner, it is completely environmentally friendly and after evaluation by the Environment Agency is one of the only marine cleaners that is safe for both marine life and humans – yes, it is even food-safe!

Marine Algae Cleaner

Non-hazardous, non-toxic and including no biocides and one of best boat and dockside cleaners that money can buy, this product is supplied as concentrated marine algae cleaner in 1 litre, 5 litre and 20 litre containers.

The product is ready to use when diluted at 1:10 and as well as a hull cleaner is ideal for harbourside algae removal duties.

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