Tank Cleaner Chemical

BoatKleen is an eco-friendly tank cleaner chemical which is safe for any aquatic environment. Remove algae, debris, biofouling, grime, and dirt from your tanks or food handling equipment with this product. It is so safe and environmentally friendly that it can be discharged directly into water without any harm to marine life.

Tank Cleaner Chemical

How Does It Work?

This product leads among environmentally-friendly tank cleaner chemicals and works by a nano technology process to remove undesired dirt and stains from GRP and stainless steel tanks, engine rooms, and cargo holds of ships.

An excellent degreaser, BoatKleen dislodges algae, grease, and dirt by breaking the surface tension rather by than killing as happens with biocides, strong acids and sodium hypochlorite bleach. BoatKleen is full of small nano ‘energy packages’ which function to penetrate and break the surface tension and lift off dirt leaving a surface which is proven to stay cleaner for longer.

An Ultra Safe Tank Cleaner Chemical!

Biocides and bleach are both harmful to marine life whereas this pH-neutral and eco friendly tank cleaner chemical is even food safe and does not need an environmental permit for water discharge.

BoatKleen is non-hazardous and non-toxic and contains no biocides or bleach; it is supplied at ready to use dilution in 5 litre or 20 litres containers and is a safe cleaner for any aquatic environments.

Buy BoatKleen Eco Friendly Boat Cleaner Chemical – £20.00 + VAT + Carriage – Accepts Card Payments

Tank Cleaner Chemical

Download the BoatKleen tank cleaner data sheet here.

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Mountain Bike Cleaner

BikeKleen is an outstanding mountain bike cleaner that is a well-priced and innovative detergent chemical that loosens off mud, dirt, and traffic film from mountain bikes or motorbikes effortlessly using a nanotechnology cleaning process.

Mountain Bike Cleaner Chemical

Made from all natural ingredients, this is an entirely food-safe, pet-safe, and environmentally friendly, product that is even safe if discharged into a water course or drains. It works by DISLODGING the soiling rather than KILLING anything as is the case with other biocide based cleaners.


The nanoenergy packages within this aqueous cleaning solution work to penetrate the worst of soiling and mud to safely break the surface tension leading to unrivalled performance as a mountain bike cleaner chemical, part of our vehicle cleaning chemicals range.

Best Bike Cleaner

Dirt and traffic film is quickly sent on its way no matter how heavy the soiling and a good rinse with a hose or pressure washer reveals your beautiful Cannondale, Muddy Fox, Trek, Marin, Honda, Kawasaki, or Triumph motorbike looking at its best for the commute, pump track, or next weekend’s ride!

To order BikeKleen mountain bike cleaner click here

Cleaning of body work, chain rings, pedals, cranks, derailleur, and mud guards is made both easy and quick at home, at the office, or in the field with this as a safe, pleasant, and odourless mountain bike cleaner. We deliver all over the UK and a 5 litre ready to use dilution jerrycan costs just £20.00 + VAT and carriage.

How To Apply BikeKleen:

Follow this suggestion for the using our mountain bike cleaner product:

  • Brush off very loose debris from bike or motor cycle.
  • Apply generously from a low-pressure sprayer – DO NOT DILUTE.
  • Brush and agitate with a brush – you will see the dirt start to colour the foam.
  • Rinse off the areas treated with a hose or lightly with a pressure washer.
  • Repeat as needed, on very old dirt and algae several applications may be needed.

Also ideal as a stone wall or patio and eco-friendly driveway cleaner as is all natural, pH-neutral, and safe in drains or near pets to whom it is harmless.

The performance of this mountain bike cleaner must be experienced to believed so why not consider using this well priced bike cleaner for yourself?

Mountain Bike Cleaner

The cleanness of your bike tends to last for longer even though the product is non-toxic and non-hazardous and very safe and stable to store and use. BikeKleen contains no biocides, disinfectants, bleaches, acids, or alkalis.

Please contact us to discuss your mountain bike cleaner challenges or to share images.

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Eco-Friendly Granite Cleaner

One of the best eco-friendly granite cleaners on the market, StoneKleen is made from all-natural ingredients where nano-energy particles penetrate through soiling, algae, oil stains, or cement smears. The GTIN number for the product is 5070000371733.

Eco-Friendly Granite Cleaner

StoneKleen granite cleaner penetrates deeper and leaves a cleaned surface that tends to resist dirt gripping to it afterwards and because it is food-grade and pH neutral it is both safe and a pleasure to work with.

Use On Inside Or Outside Granite

Useful as a granite worktop cleaner and for flooring and outdoors as the ideal granite cleaner for garden stone work, driveways and other surfaces and garden granite block walls that may become weathered and grimy from pollution, algae and so on.

Many exterior cleaning chemicals rely on biocide chemicals (these are basically disinfectants) like sodium hypochlorite to kill algae whereas this eco-friendly granite cleaner chemical dislodges soiling using the nano-energy packages to break surface tension – IT KILLS NOTHING AT ALL.

High Performance And High Safety

It’s also an odourless chemical and as it is pH neutral and contains no acids, no bleach, and no biocides this is a truly remarkable granite cleaner product with high performance and low risk.

Eco-Friendly Granite Cleaner

Safe for you, for pets, safe in ponds or streams, sceptic tanks and bio digesters, for use near plants and lawns, and for use on granite surfaces to keep them in pristine condition.

StoneKleen is a good value natural stone cleaner available to buy online as ready-to-use RTU format in 5 litre and 20 litre jerrycans or in concentrated form as BuildKleen brand in a 10 litre jerrycan – this dilutes to 110 litres of RTU product. All these chemicals can be ordered on this button:

Eco-Friendly Granite Cleaner

Best Ways To Apply This Granite Cleaner

If you are using this granite cleaner for patios, we suggest the following procedure for application:

  • Brush any leaves, loose dirt, and excess dust away – no point wasting chemical until it can get into contact with the tough stuff to remove that is sticking to the substrate. If it is a hot day, it’s a good idea to wet the granite surface a little with a garden hose.
  • Apply generously by puddling the StoneKleen granite cleaner, it is diluted as ready-to-use and you can see a video here to show you. StoneKleen can also be sprayed, brushed, or rolled on, if sprayed then you may need several applications.
  • Agitate the cleaner with a broom or stiff brush on the surface and aid the penetration with a good scrub, you should start to see the soiling in a light foam – algae will make it green for example.
  • Wait for about 10 minutes and then rinse off the cleaner either with a garden hose, buckets of water or a pressure washer if you have one.

Using this eco-friendly granite cleaner chemical inside is similar process to above, the rinsing with water is not an absolute must but it does help a good deal where there is heavy soiling or stains

Download the StoneKleen technical data sheet MSDS.

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Eco-Friendly Granite Cleaner

Nano-Tech Bike Cleaner

By using innovative formulation, this nano-tech bike cleaner is an exceptionally powerful and outstandingly safe mountain bike cleaner chemical that quickly dislodges mud, dirt, grime, and traffic film with much less effort needed on your part and a better result!

Nano Tech Bike Cleaner

Made in the UK from all natural ingredients, this non-hazardous and non-toxic environmentally friendly motorcycle foam cleaner is even safe if discharged into a water course or drains and is safe for use near pets.

Fast And Powerful Cleaning

The nano energy packages within BikeKleen nano-tech bike cleaner solution works fast to cut into soiling, grime and muck to break the surface tension holding dirt on to your bike’s frame and rims.

Also used as a high-performance motorcycle foam cleaner, BikeKleen must be experienced to believed so why not consider using this low-cost bike cleaner for yourself?

We deliver UK-wide and a 5-litre jerrycan costs just £20.00 + VAT and carriage. Cleaning of frames, chain rings, pedals, cranks, derailleur, and mud guards is easier at home, at the office, or in the field with this bike cleaner.

Dirt, oil stains, and traffic film are quickly loosened off no matter how heavy the soiling, and a rinse with a hose reveals your mountain bike or motorcycle looking at its best without damaging the environment.

Mountain Bike Cleaner

Safe And Eco-Friendly

Many automotive cleaning chemicals use acids or alkalis whereas BikeKleen is pH neutral and contains no acids, no bleach, and no alkalis. It is a remarkable motorcycle foam cleaner which combines high performance, high safety, and low risk.

Safe for you, for pets, safe in water, sceptic tanks and bio digesters, for use near plants and lawns, and food-safe.

Nano-Tech Bike Cleaner

You can download the BikeKleen SDS data sheet here.

If you wish to discuss how this bike cleaner could help, then please do get in touch on 01324 309100.

Instructions For Use:

For the best results please do not dilute this product and follow this step-by-step instructions:

  • Brush off loose debris from bike’s frame and mud guards.
  • Apply to areas of soiling generously from a sprayer.
  • Brush and agitate, you should see the dirt start to colour the foam.
  • Rinse off the areas treated with a hose or pressure washer.

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Eco Antibacterial Spray Cleaner

In coming up with a formulation for our eco antibacterial spray so that it is powerful and cost-effective while harmless to humans, animals and the environment we felt that a completely new approach was needed.

The benefits of research into the use of nanoenergy for cleaning for this 1 litre spray cleaner have come over to Auriel FastSan+ cleaner spray and makes it one of the best eco antibacterial spray cleaners that are available.

Eco Antibacterial Spray

Auriel FastSan+ eco antibacterial spray is:

  • Food-safe, non-toxic and non-hazardous.
  • Safe for marine life.
  • Has no biocides.
  • Has no bleach.
  • Has no acids.
  • pH neutral
  • No odours
  • Antibacterial, antiviral, and fungicidal
  • Made in the UK
  • Needs no PPE in normal use

The absence of common cleaning chemical components like bleach or biocides is one of the reasons this eco-friendly antibacterial spray is completely food safe and has been assessed by the Environment Agency as acceptable for disposing in a water course in its diluted state.

Eco Antibacterial Spray

How Auriel FastSan+ Spray Works:

A great value cleaner with powerful removal of dirt; it works with nano ‘energy packages’ which function to penetrate and break the surface tension and lift off dirt or grease leaving a super-clean surface which stays cleaner for longer.

Eco Antibacterial Spray

Why not try it out for yourself or have a look at our effective cleaning demonstration video?

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Caring For Marine Life

The considerable challenge in terms of safety from trips and injury and maintaining a clean quayside, steps, slipways, and boats means that marine algae growth must be removed regularly.

Yet quite understandably no one wants to damage marine life or for that matter damage humans with the chemicals that are used in the process. There has been at least one incident where a child suffered chemical burns while crabbing from steps at the quayside cleaned with caustic chemical so what is the answer to all this?

Boat Hull Cleaner

Our Marine Algae Cleaner works differently to almost all existing algae removers; it utilises nanotechnology energy packages within the non-toxic, non-biocide chemical that penetrates deeply and lifts off the algae and dirt leaving a clean surface that is proven to last for longer.

One of the best known and most fascinating fishermen out there is Jeremy Wade and we feel sure he would thoroughly agree with us with that marine life should be protected in every way possible.

As well as the welcome effectiveness and reduction in hard slog brought about with our marine algae cleaner, it is completely environmentally friendly and after evaluation by the Environment Agency is one of the only marine cleaners that is safe for both marine life and humans – yes, it is even food-safe!

Marine Algae Cleaner

Non-hazardous, non-toxic and including no biocides and one of best boat and dockside cleaners that money can buy, this product is supplied as concentrated marine algae cleaner in 1 litre, 5 litre and 20 litre containers.

The product is ready to use when diluted at 1:10 and as well as a hull cleaner is ideal for harbourside algae removal duties.

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